For social entrepreneurs:

Open source problem solving

Post your social project with a scientific or technical challenge and invite our community to help you with the answer! This is a free service and it is up to you to give our expert community a good description of your project and the challenge you are facing to get as relevant answers as possible.


Matchmaking of social businesses with the right experts

Are you facing a more sophisticated problem and in need of the right specialist to help you develop the solution? We offer a match-making service for social enterprises, in which we help you with our network to find the right person. Do send us a request and tell us about your project and the exact problem.

This service comes with a success warranty: You pay for our time only if we find a suitable expert for you.


For the expert and science community:


You are an expert and would like to help solve challenges of social entrepreneurs? Check our social project challenges and solve issues with a good cause online, or submit your profile, so we can match you with projects that need an expert with your expertise.


Science conference workshops

Our team consists of a group facilitators that are specialised in the field of collaboration. We offer workshops in which we bring social entrepreneurs with scientific challenges to related conferences and invite experts to participate in a collaboration process. The workshop includes user centric analysis, action research and situation analysis elements with the ultimate goal to help experts discover new ways in which their research can be relevant to the social business sector.

Please contact us for further details.


Scientist database qualification and community engagement:

We offer international organisations with existing scientist databases support in qualifying and engaging with their network. Please contact us for further details.