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paper waste

Paper waste in Europe

Thanks to current recycling practices, paper waste has become an issue, the general population is reasonably aware of. However until today, especially the media industry in the EU produces big amounts of paper that goes to waste and thanks to the use …
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Food waste in Europe

Around one third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted. When more than one billion people around the world go to bed feeling hungry. (EEA, 2015) The food and drink value chain in the EU causes 17% of our direct …
contaminated sites

Soil contamination in Europe

Soil contamination is a serious issue in Europe. About one third of an estimated total of 342 000 contaminated sites in the EEA-39 have been identified (EEA, 2015) Annual national expenditures for the management of contaminated sites are on average about EUR 10.7 …