Project: CoRe the consumer revolution

GuiGuilherme is based in Brussels and Co-Founder of CoRe, an initiative by Diana, Guilherme, Giovanni and Christian addressing the lack of transparency around production chains and the complexity of consumer choices which ultimately impact global issues regarding the environment, human rights, animal well-being and health.

CoRe’s mission is to enhance market transparency, allowing consumers to make more informed choices a
s the collective voice for informed consumers. CoRe is therefore developing digital platform that will in collaboration with consumer associations and NGOs empower consumers to make more informed product choices based on their personal preferences and impact priorities. 


As a first step, Guilherme and the team are focussing on launching the platform for fast-moving consumer goods and food. In this context he and his team are in need for nutritionists, that can help develop a framework, based on which the nutritional value and relevant product ingredients can be inputted and provided to customers.

He is also looking for a master data management expert (data quality/integrity), NoSQL data analytics architects/developers (Marketing/CRM/reports/trends/webscraping), an open DB developer, identity management & security engineers for complex apps and technical barcode scanning experts.

Please contact us if you are interested in this project.



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