Project: Natural Media Outdoor Advertising


Natural Media techniques use water, sand, plants, chalk, milk paint and other more eco-friendly materials for outdoor communication messages.

This saves a massive amount of paper and other material that would otherwise go to waste.

Find out more about paper waste in Europe. 


Jim Browes is the founder of Natural Media Experts.

His business offers eco-friendly ambient media using natural media techniques such as reverse graffiti, moss graffiti, sand printing and eco-chalk to produce advertising campaigns.

… I struggled with R&D. For instance, I invented two different ways to print with sand, this sand requires a binder.

I have come up with some solutions from my kitchen table, I am an advertising guy not a chemist nor an engineer. My solutions are conceptually good, technically could use some massive improvement.

If you are a scientist that would like to get involved in this project, please get in touch.

NaturalMedia WalkThisway

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